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3270 and 6530 Terminal Services


Data compression for 3270 and 6530 terminals and applications

Response Time Monitor (RTM) logs real-time data for performance management

Translation to 3270 datastream for 6530 and 6510 applications

Compression provides up to 70% reduction in transmitted data characters

Additional 6530 response time improvement using new PFKey feature of PCT and TS530

Cross domain connections to IBM HCF and IBM NRF software

FASTERM services include data compression, datastream translation, RTM, IND$FILE file transfer and cross domain connectivity.

The S3270 Compression Option provides data compression for applications designed for 3270 terminals. Tandem applications frequently use more than one write operation to paint a screen. FASTERM combines all such output and sends one compressed block to the terminal.

Alternately, the 3270 devices may be in another SNA domain and be connected via IBM HCF or NRF software. The SNALU Option interfaces to IBM HCF software via SNAX/XF and an SDLC communications link or a SNAXLINK channel.

The NRF Option interfaces to IBM NRF software via SNAX/XF and an SDLC communications link. NRF can be accessed by 3270 terminals and 3287 printers connected to the IBM mainframe.

The S6530 Compression Option provides data compression for Tandem applications designed for Tandem 6530 terminals. With this option 6530 terminals and emulators are used directly with Tandem 6530 applications. When used with PCT and TS530 versions that support the PFKey feature, S6530 cuts the number of terminal messages by an additional 50%.

The 65xx Translation Option allows Tandem applications which are designed for Tandem 6530/6510 terminals to be accessed by 3270 terminals. Data compression is automatically provided with this option.

The IND$FILE File Transfer feature permits transfers between workstations running 3270 PC Emulators and the Tandem file system. Support is also provided for transfers between the Tandem file system and IBM host file systems. Both text and binary files may be transferred.

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FASTERM provides a robust set of services for 3270 terminals and printers. The devices may be attached directly using SNAX/XF, TCP/IP TN32SERV, or AM3270 or indirectly using SNAX/APN, SNAX/CDF, ICE, IBM HCF, or IBM NRF.

Support is provided for both conversational and block mode applications compiled for 6530, 6510 or 3270 terminals.

Compression for block mode applications typically results in a 30-70% reduction in data characters delivered to the terminal. For those applications that paint the screen with multiple write operations, FASTERM combines all such writes into a single compressed write operation.

Conversational mode response is improved by sending multiple output lines to the terminal in a single transmission.




FASTERM provides compression for 6530 terminals in both conversational and block modes. FASTERM dynamically determines the capabilities of the 6530 terminal or emulator and generates appropriate datastreams for the device. FASTERM supports 6530 devices connected to the Tandem System using ATP6100, X25AM, MULTILAN, TCP/IP TELNET, SNAX/XF (6600 Controller), or the new Access Beyond terminal server and remote access server.

Conversational mode response is improved by sending multiple output lines to the terminal in a single transmission.

As with 3270 compression in block mode, FASTERM combines multiple application writes into a single compressed output block. FASTERM also employs special optimizing datastream orders in the 6526, TS530, PCT, Outside View and CTT products. The most recent Tandem development, the PFKey feature, is now supported only by FASTERM (see below).

Several users have reduced their average response time by one or more seconds by employing FASTERM.



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