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GAP - Gateway Access Process

Advanced Async features for AWAN 3883/4/5/6 Terminal Servers

Added functionality for the Compaq NSK/Tandem AWAN 3883/4/5 and 3886 families of Asynchronous Servers

Asynchronous speeds up to 115,200 baud

Read continuous to prevent loss of inbound data

Compatible with CISCORP, Inc. ARC product

True full duplex operation with simultaneous write and read

Full modem control without DTR signal present

Printer access without Compaq NSK/Tandem Spooler

Half-duplex (3886 only)

Easy to install and use

The GAP software is designed by Gemini to work closely with the Compaq NSK/Tandem 388x family of high speed asynchronous servers. GAP provides an API that is a superset of both ATP6100 and PrintProcess, and may be used to interface to virtually any asynchronous device.

True full-duplex permits file transfer protocols such as Zmodem and Kermit to be easily implemented on the NSK server. The read continuous feature prevents loss of data while reading from factory data collection devices and other streaming asynchronous sources.

GAP enables Tandem applications to transfer files at speeds up to 115,200 baud using modems or direct connections. Dial-out applications are facilitated by GAP's ability to send modem control strings even when the DTR signal is not present.

Typical printing to 388x servers is accomplished using NSK Spooler and FASTPTCP software. For certain applications such as EMS log printing the Spooler is unsatisfactory. For these applications GAP may be used to connect directly to the printer in real time.

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